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How to Prepare Yourselves for the Worst Flu Season

The flu season is upon us. This year, flu arrived much earlier than other years and if doctors are to be believed then this year the flu season could be one of the worst. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed that the flu season arrived in the US a month earlier.

As per CDC estimates, flu illnesses by the end of October were recorded to be around 880,000 in number, flu-related hospitalizations were 6,900 in number, while flu-related deaths were 360 in number. The last week of October also reported a pediatric death due to flu.

The CDC strongly recommends getting a flu shot. Everybody, including babies older than six months and senior citizens, must get themselves vaccinated against the flu. The vaccination decreases the risk of contracting the infection by upto 60 per cent.

You can visit family medical walk in clinic in Arlington for a flu shot. No appointment is needed here. Simply walk in and ask for a shot. Waiting time in the clinic is lesser than that compared to a hospital. In fact, chances are high you will be seen within 30 minutes by a doctor.

Why is the flu season worse this time?

According to the Head of Domestic Influenza Surveillance Team of CDC, although it is unusual for the flu to arrive so early, but we must not forget that we are coming out of the Covid pandemic, which has affected respiratory viruses like influenza and others that circulate in the air.

Other respiratory diseases are also in the air

In addition to flu, there has been an unusual increase in cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). The CDC cautions doctors and parents to watch out for RSV cases in young children and in senior citizens, especially those over 65 years of age, and in people with chronic conditions.

RSV generally peaks during late winter, but the Department of Health and Human Services reports that about 71 per cent of the country’s 40,000 pediatric beds are already filled at present. This is the highest in two years.

The surge of respiratory illnesses has already hit Texas, Washington DC, Colorado, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Ohio, and Massachusetts.

Arlington family healthcare offers urgent care to people suffering from influenza. You can prefer to stay at home and talk to the doctor on phone or have a virtual consultation.

Is it flu or Covid?

Both viruses are lethal. Flu is a respiratory virus, so expect to get headache, fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, and joint or muscle aches. In severe cases, you may develop dizziness, chest pain, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and confusion. All these symptoms are common to Covid too.

According to doctors at family medical walk in clinic in Arlington, testing is the sole way to find out whether it is flu or Covid. So, do not ignore the symptoms or wish them to go away by themselves. Contact a doctor and take appropriate medical care.

The festivities are in the air, so are the viruses

The festive season has almost begun, so has the flu season. You ought to be extra cautious about the viruses floating in the air. It is better to follow Covid protocols to protect yourselves from all respiratory viruses. Wear mask when outdoors, keep your hands clean, stay away from crowded places, and keep your home ventilated.

Arlington family healthcare for urgent care offers flu vaccine. Before you start preparing for Thanksgiving and other festivities, take this responsible step towards your and your family’s health. Walk in the clinic and get a flu shot – all of you.

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