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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Beating?

February is the month concerning with the matters of the heart; and we are talking about the vital organ heart here. The American Heart Association has organized the 2023 Heart Failure Awareness Week from Feb 12 to 18. This year’s theme is “HF Refresh” where HF stands for Heart Failure.

Although doctors in Arlington, VA, urgent care clinic do not handle life-threatening heart conditions such as heart attack, you must not ignore even the slightest symptom such as chest pain, tightness, and others. Atleast, rush to your nearest urgent care clinic and consult a doctor. If he or she finds that this is something life-threatening, the doctor will instruct you to rush to a hospital.

Simply sitting at home and assuming things would do you no good. The clinic is open all days of the week and gives you the convenience of stepping inside at any time of the day, even on extended hours.

Never ignore the following symptoms

Never ignore chest pain and tightness, pain radiating at the left arm, shortness of breath after every little physical activity, the feeling as if your heart is beating loudly, and frequent dizziness.

Visit medical office near Arlington and discuss with the doctor about your symptoms. They will give you the correct medical advice. You need no appointment to consult a doctor. Simply walk in and ask for a consultation.

Aim of Heart Failure Awareness Week

The aim of organizing Heart Failure Awareness Week is to ensure that patients and families of the patients get current guidelines related to heart failure so that they can act promptly and save lives. Also, the week intends to provide optimal resources to health care providers, patients, and their families so that heart patients can lead a more quality life.

Heart patients are more prone to developing serious health complications over time. That’s why it is important to be in touch with your doctor, do your checkups regularly, and speak up whenever you feel something is wrong.

Being a heart patient

Many heart patients go into depression. Some think they won’t be able to live for longer. Surviving a heart attack does not mean that you now have only a short time to live, say doctors at Arlington, VA, urgent care clinic. With proper management of your condition, availability of excellent medical care and advice, and support from family, a patient can survive and thrive for longer.

About your heart

Heart is a muscle. Just like other muscles, it can go weak. This affects its functioning. Because this muscle has a very important function in the body, you cannot ignore its wear and tear, any pain, or irregular heartbeat, or just anything that you may “feel” wrong.

Do you know? There are many reports that reveal patients “felt” something amiss in their heart days before a heart failure. So, you see, you may not always get obvious signs, but you may get a feeling. After all, it’s your heart. This is the best time to visit medical office near Arlington for a doctor consultation.

Don’t be silent about matters of the heart. Speak up. Let your family know. Get in touch with the doctor as soon as possible. Be proactive when it comes to protecting your heart. Immediate action goes a long way in keeping your heart healthy and averting any major health disaster.

Somebody has aptly said, “Don’t give your heart to anybody; lest they may break it. Keep it to yourselves and take good care of it. Love it. Let it beat for you and nobody else.”

It’s good to be a little selfish when it comes to the matters of the heart!

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