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How to Have a Healthy Christmas – Tips from Doctors

You want to exercise and stick to your healthy routine, but some “voice” nudges you inside and you say, “Oh it’s Christmas, let me just take a break…” Now here’s where you falter. Christmas is the time for lots of shopping and indulging in treats (read unhealthy treats). If you stick to your exercise and diet routine, you are more likely to sail smoothly through the holiday season without adding an inch to your waist.

But, if you listen to that little “voice,” you might end up with a wider waist or a catch a cold (due to lowered immunity) or maybe just feel less fit after the festival.

Do you know the family medical walk in clinic in Arlington gets more patients this time of the year? This is because people often become careless about their health amidst the festivities.

Some of the common problems that people come with to the clinic include:

• Stomach troubles
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Headaches
• Body pain and stiffness
• Flu
• Common cold
• Sore throat
• Fever
• Allergies
• Asthma attack

Why do these problems happen?

According to doctors at the clinic, people eat mindlessly during the festive season. They tend to overeat and drink alcohol excessively. Many times, people eat or drink just to oblige the guests. This may lead to unnecessary overeating and binge drinking.

Then, many people forget to keep up with their water intake. This may lead to dehydration, causing headaches and other problems.

Forgetting to layer up is one of the causes of catching a cold. Allergies are common; and temperature dips can trigger asthma attacks.

So, folks, you need to be extra careful this Christmas. If you have kids and elderly in the house, make sure they are not exposed to the cold air. For the elderly, ensure they don’t miss their medication amidst the fervor of festivities and also do not go overboard with alcohol intake.

Clinic that is open during holidays too

Arlington family healthcare urgent care clinic is open during holidays too. In case you or any member of your family falls sick during the holidays, quickly bring them to the clinic or call the doctor.

No appointment and waiting time

The best part is you need no prior appointment. The clinic attends patients on a walk-in basis. Moreover, it takes lesser time to be seen here than in a hospital. The maximum waiting time in a typical urgent care clinic is just 30 minutes. If no patients are ahead of you, you will be seen immediately by the doctor.

Staying healthy on your own

Instead of having to see a doctor during this holiday season, strive to stay healthy. Here are a few tips from the doctors’ desk:

• Stay warm. Exposing yourselves to the cold makes you more vulnerable to catch the viruses.
• Stay hydrated. It flushes out toxins from your body and keeps you energetic, alert, and fit.
• Eat seasonal fruits and veggies. Make salads. Include more vegetarian food in your diet.
• Exercise every day. If you don’t feel like exercising in the morning, exercise during the day, but make it a point to spend 15-20 minutes in some rigorous physical activity.
• Politely say ‘no’ when you are done; do not overeat just to oblige. The same applies while having drinks.
• Be careful while decorating your home to avoid fall injuries.
• Avoid skipping breakfast. It fuels your body for the whole day. Ensure you eat something nutritious (which includes carbs, yes).
• Do not ignore any symptom of illness. Family medical walk in clinic in Arlington is just around the corner. Consult a doctor and make health your topmost priority.

Have a happy and healthy Christmas.

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