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How to Deal With Sudden Illness on Christmas Day?

Viruses and bacteria don’t celebrate Christmas, so chances are that they may not think twice before attacking you on Christmas Day! What to do if you fall sick during the holiday?

Panic not. In case you fall sick, you can immediately contact doctors at Arlington urgent care in VA. The clinic is open all days of the week and also on holidays. So, you can expect to find a doctor on the day of Christmas.

How to avoid illness panic during Christmas?

You are getting ready to celebrate with your family when, suddenly, you get a sneeze. Well, you ignore it. Just a sneeze, you say.

By evening, when your home is all prepped up with lights and the aroma of the feast, you have a runny nose, already sneezed 100 times throughout the day, and feel feverish.

What a Christmas!

Worry not. Thank Jesus for an urgent care clinic. Just walk in there and see a doctor.

Smart tip

If you don’t want to rush anywhere looking for medication, it is smart to keep a stock of common medication at home. Medicines like paracetamol, decongestants for cold and sore throat, cold packs for sprains (in case somebody trips over snow), painkillers, laxatives, diarrhea medicine, and anti-allergens should find a place in your cabinet before Christmas.

What if you have a bout of diarrhea during the holiday?

You can either rush to an urgent care, or simply pop the diarrhea medicine in your cabinet and find relief.

You can easily get the medicines from an urgent care clinic. You need not show them a doctor’s prescription for getting common medicines.

Don’t part from your scrumptious Christmas pudding and mouth-watering turkey. If you feel fine, eat the feast food, but in smaller portions. Once you have taken the medicine, you can taste the feast. However, if you have no appetite due to a stomach bug or something, you can just have a bite or two, that’s all. Avoid booze.

How to tackle cold during Christmas?

Seclude yourselves. Hard to do during the festive season, but is the best thing to do. You will avoid spreading the infection. You don’t want the whole family to go down with flu, do you?

Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing. Avoid using your hands directly to cover the mouth; use a handkerchief. Wash your hands ten times (even more!) with soap and hot water. If this is not possible, keep an antiseptic hand sanitizer with you.

However, you are still at risk of spreading the virus. So, the best thing to do is keep away.

Have some hot soup. Sip hot water containing freshly squeezed lemon for an extra dose of Vitamin C to fight cold.

Meanwhile, you can visit one of the doctors at Arlington, VA, urgent care clinic. They are open on holidays.

You may have to cancel your Christmas vacation trip until you are raring to go. Colds and flus are contagious. However, if you take proper rest and medication, plus do some home remedies like taking steam, your Vitamin C, and hot soups, you will recover quickly.

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