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How to Deal With Asthma During Christmas? Know Triggers & Signs

Don’t let asthma spoil the spirit of Christmas. Winters can be tough for asthmatics, as the cold weather and the viruses lurking in the air combined with the festive stress can trigger an attack. Make sure you have your inhaler with you whenever you are outdoors or visiting friends and family.

Also ensure you have enough medication to last you through the festive season, including the New Year’s Eve. Avoid waiting for the medication to get over to refill it. Do it today. You might forget it later amidst the festive fever.

You can easily visit a medical office near Arlington for a refill. Doctors here are also apt in handling asthma attacks. Although the clinic is a walk-in healthcare facility, you must still have the number of the doctor handy.

Triggers of asthma attack

• Scents and strong odors
• Stress
• Pollutants
• Cold air and change in temperature
• Tobacco smoke
• Food additives
• Certain medication
• Gastric reflux
• Excessive exercise

Signs of asthma attack

• Coughing and wheezing
• Shortness of breath
• Feeling suffocated and/or tightening sensation in the chest
• Trouble exhaling
• Increase in sticky mucus

Immediate things to do during an asthma attack

During an asthma attack, you may not always be able to visit your nearest urgent care clinic in Arlington. Besides, if it is much cold outside, it is not advisable to step outdoors, as cold air worsens the condition.

Do the following at home:

• Sit down and loosen any tight clothing.
• Take slow, steady breaths.
• Take a couple of puffs of your inhaler.
• DO NOT PANIC. Stress worsens asthma attack.
• If you still don’t feel better, take more puffs.
• Call the paramedics, if you still don’t feel better.

If you have started to feel better, relax and continue to sit and breathe slowly and steadily. You can either call your nearest clinic to consult a doctor. Or if the attack has subsided and you are fine, then you can visit your nearest urgent care clinic in Arlington after some time. It is good to take medical consultation within 48 hours of an attack.

Taking care of an asthmatic in the family

Christmas is fun; but for an asthmatic, it can be a trying time. You bring new items in the house, say, the Christmas Tree, décor, gifts, and much more. The dust, pollens, or pollutants that come with the new items may trigger an asthma attack.

Also, avoid eating processed food in large quantities, as the preservatives and chemicals in them may trigger an attack. Be careful while trying new scents, clothes, and skin products.

In addition, layer yourselves properly when you are outdoors so that you are sufficiently warm. If you just had an attack, avoid exposing yourselves to the cold weather.

You may love to play in the snow, but if you are asthmatic or have somebody with asthma in the family, avoid outdoor games.

Does alcohol trigger asthma?

It can trigger asthma in some people, while others may be fine with having a couple of drinks. Many people report that only certain drinks cause them to wheeze and cough; while for some, any kind of alcoholic beverage can be a disaster.

This means that not everybody reacts to alcohol in the same manner. You must avoid binge drinking. Go slow in your poison and always keep your inhaler with you. Please stay away from cigarette smoke completely.

The medical office near Arlington is open on holidays and all days of the week. You can visit the clinic any day of the week for a medical consultation.

A little extra care can help you enjoy Christmas without worrying about an asthma attack.

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