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How Pentagon Walk In Clinic Ensures Patient Safety

Each year, millions of patients die or suffer injuries due to poor quality or unsafe healthcare practices. As per reports of WHO (World Health Organization), out of 10 patients, about four experience harm during primary and ambulatory care systems.

A data has revealed that 134 million harm-inducing incidents happen annually in hospitals in countries with low middle income. This contributes to around 2.6 million deaths each year!

About 80 per cent of these incidents are avoidable.

Pentagon walk in clinic makes every patient feel comfortable and important. The clinic hardly makes patient wait.

The norm is: you walk in, you get treatment.

International Patient Safety Day

International Patient Safety Day is organized on September 17 to give patient safety adequate importance. The day was started in 2019. WHO launched a global campaign with the slogan, “Speak Up for Patient Safety.”

The theme of 2019 International Patient Safety Day was “Patient Safety: A Global Health Priority.”

The purpose of World/ International Patient Safety Day

The purpose is to encourage patient safety by enhancing awareness of the public and engaging them in this regard. WHO has designated the day to improve understanding at the global level and to bring together everybody involved in giving and receiving health care for action in solidarity.

Patient safety while meting out healthcare is a pre-requisite for creating powerful healthcare systems. Unless patients are safe, it is impossible to say that healthcare services have progressed.

Arlington walk in clinic has even gone an extra mile in patient safety. They are ready to keep the identity of patients undergoing STD testing confidential upon request. This is one way of making the patient feel safe through anonymous testing, as STDs carry the baggage of social stigma with them.

Goals of International Patient Safety

WHO has designed six goals for safety of patients:

  1. Identify each patient correctly
  2. Ensure effective communication between healthcare provider and receiver
  3. Enhance safety of high-risk medications and treatments
  4. Ensure the right choice of procedure, surgery, and treatment
  5. Decrease risk of infections related to healthcare procedures
  6. Decrease risk of injuries to patients through fall

International Patient Safety Day 2020

This year, in 2020, the emphasis is on health care provider safety. This is in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Health care workers are at greater risk of contracting infection while attending to patients. Moreover, doctor safety is as important as patient safety and both are linked to each other.

When the doctor is safe, secure, and without stress, he or she can perform better diagnosis, treatment, and consultation. Stressed out doctors or those working in unsafe environments are more prone to commit mistakes, which can harm patients or even take their lives.

Looking for a safe and convenient place to avail yourselves medical care?

Pentagon walk in clinic promises hygienic and comfortable environment for patients wherein they can share their health issues with the doctor and expect excellent treatment. The clinic ensures that patients are rightly diagnosed and given the correct treatment.

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