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How Much Do You Know About Cholesterol: Doctors in Arlington VA Ask People

We all know about cholesterol. There is the “bad” cholesterol LDL and the “good” cholesterol HDL. Cholesterol has the tendency to bind with other substances, forming plaque, which sticks to the walls of arteries. This leads to their hardening, a condition medically called atherosclerosis.

It is important to maintain a balance between LDL and HDL for normal functioning of the body. Too little of HDL is harmful.

According to doctors, cholesterol is not really the monster it is made out to be. In fact, cholesterol aids in digestion. It contributes to the production of chief hormones in the body. It even aids in Vitamin D synthesis.

That’s why you must know your cholesterol status, both HDL and LDL. Doctors in Arlington, VA, urge people to check their cholesterol levels regularly. This gives you an idea whether you must change your diet or lifestyle.

The best place to check your cholesterol

Urgent care clinic in Arlington, VA, conduct cholesterol panel. The clinic caters to the health of the whole family. It is centrally located, so you won’t have a problem reaching the clinic.

The best part is that you can simply walk in and ask for a cholesterol test. No prior appointment is needed. No doctor’s prescription is needed either. In case you wish to talk to a doctor regarding your cholesterol problems, you can do so before undergoing a test.

Understanding cholesterol better

Cholesterol is not as bad as believed to be. As mentioned earlier, your body requires certain amount of cholesterol to build cells, synthesize vitamins and hormones. The problem arises when cholesterol exceeds the amount your body needs.

Do you know your liver produces all the cholesterol that your body needs?

So, you actually need not supply your body with cholesterol, as you do in case of vitamins and minerals.

Your body receives the added cholesterol from the food you eat, especially from poultry, meat, and dairy. Cooking oils, nuts, and other such foods also add to your cholesterol level.

Foods high in trans fats and saturated fats induce the liver to produce more cholesterol.

That’s how a person goes from having a normal cholesterol level to a dangerously high level.

With a variety of foods available on your platter, it is important to know how much of this waxy substance (cholesterol) is present in your body. Doctor clinic near Arlington, VA, is the right place to go when you wish to measure your cholesterol levels.

Why is cholesterol testing important?

Cholesterol flows in the bloodstream. High amount of cholesterol in blood is dangerous to health, just like high amount of sugar or any other substance.

High cholesterol can lead to heart diseases. Conditions like atherosclerosis can lead to heart attack by interrupting the supply of blood to the heart.

It is said, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Checking your cholesterol levels and correcting them on time can save your heart and your life.

Do not procrastinate in this regard. Contact one of the doctors in Arlington, VA, urgent care clinic and check your cholesterol today.

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