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Having A Bad Case Of Allergic Reaction? Get Help At Family Urgent Care In Arlington

Allergic reactions can hit you most unexpectedly. It can happen during a picnic in a park while taking a walk in your garden, while dining out or while cleaning out the attic. If you experience itching or sneezing or notice rashes on the skin, you probably have an allergic reaction. It is important to identify the specific allergen and seek treatment to prevent repeated instances of such reactions.

Factors that trigger allergies vary with each individual. Many people experience allergies set off by peanuts, seafood, eggs, gluten, milk, meat, and a host of other food sources. Then there are individuals who experience an allergic reaction with exposure to pollen, dust, insect bites, and pets. It may trigger symptoms ranging from mildly uncomfortable ones such as itching or sneezing to severely life-threatening ones like breathing difficulties or anaphylaxis. Without prompt and precise treatment, the situation may worsen unbelievably fast.

Effective treatment for allergies

As soon as allergic reactions become evident, it is best to seek medical help to ensure that the symptoms do not persist or aggravate. Simply consult the doctors at your nearest quick family urgent care in Arlington to access professional advice and prompt treatment. Once the doctor collects adequate information about your allergy, you may be asked to undergo certain allergy tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Based on the intensity of your symptoms and the results of allergy tests, the doctors will determine the right treatment regimen that will work for you. You will be informed about substances that may trigger an allergic reaction and will receive valuable information on how to avoid coming into contact with these allergens.

Medications for allergies

Many people with manageable or mildly unpleasant symptoms often hesitate when it comes to taking medications for allergies. However, this reluctance frequently leads to the symptoms growing more severe in nature. Therefore, if your doctor at the quick family urgent care in Arlington prescribes allergy medications, it is always best to follow the advice.

Here is a list of medications that are commonly used to manage allergic reactions:

• Nose sprays: These help lessen swelling, itchiness, and stuffiness in the nose connected with nasal allergies.
• Antihistamines: Available as nose sprays, syrups, and pills, these medicines help manage symptoms such as runny nose, itching, and rashes. Doctors at a medical office near Arlington usually prescribe antihistamines for seasonal allergies.
• Mast cell stabilizers: Just like antihistamines, this class of medication too works by suppressing the release of histamines that trigger allergies. They help in reducing discomfort due to itching or watering of the eyes.
• Decongestants: Allergic reactions can sometimes lead to stuffy nose that can cause breathing issues. Decongestant sprays diminish the stuffiness to facilitate easier breathing. Remember not to use these continuously for more than a couple of days.
• Corticosteroid creams: These medications are usually prescribed to reduce rashes and prevent their spread.

As soon as you notice allergic reactions, rush to your nearest quick family urgent care in Arlington to avail yourself of immediate medical attention. This is especially applicable if you observe allergic reactions in small children who are unable to articulate their distress. With the right allergy treatment, you will be back to normal in no time.

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