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Guide to Fall Injury: What To Do When You Fall?

Falls and slips can happen anywhere, anytime. You can slip on the snowy road or you can trip over the stairs. You can injure yourselves badly or you may not feel any pain immediately. Doctors advise to be careful after a fall even if you feel no pain or see no immediate injury. You might have still injured yourselves.

Common places where people can trip and fall or slip:

• Stairs
• Ladders
• Slippery roads
• Cluttered hallways
• Doorways
• Uneven surfaces
• Construction sites
• Freshly waxed floor
• Snowy path
• Muddy areas just after rainfall

Pentagon walk in clinic offers treatment for fall injury. If you slipped but did not get hurt, you still might want to consult a doctor for any hidden injury. In some cases, people feel pain after a day or two of falling. In such a situation, you should neither ignore the pain nor treat it with a simple painkiller. You must see a doctor to find the underlying cause of pain to avoid complications later.

Who is more prone to falls?

• Careless people who walk by fixing their gaze on the smartphone screen can fall anywhere.
• People walking with the wrong shoes. For example, on a snowy road you must wear proper boots for grip. Wearing heels is a bad idea.
• People who walk hurriedly over a wet surface. Put each step with caution on such surface.
• Elderly people (due to the physical effects of aging).
• People with poor coordination or balance.
• Drunk people.
• Somebody under the influence of heavy medication that causes sedative effects.
• Small children.

Walk in clinic around Pentagon caters to the health needs of the entire family. From toddlers to the elderly, anybody who has had a fall injury or is feeling unwell can enter the clinic and seek immediate primary medical care.

Please remember that the clinic does not handle life-threatening cases such as serious falls leading to brain injury or profuse bleeding, serious road accidents, not being able to breathe, and others. In such cases, please rush to a hospital or call an ambulance.

How to avoid common fall injuries in and around house?

• Shovel the snow.
• Clean up wet driveways or pavements.
• Wear proper shoes with a good grip.
• If you have elderly or small children in the house, install handrails at the ramps and stairs.
• Install handrails wherever necessary if you have much aged people in the house. For example, around the bed, at the bathroom, and so on.
• De-clutter the hallway and other areas.
• Install proper lighting inside and outside the house, especially around the stairs, hallway, doorway, patio, backyard, and so on.

Common types of fall injuries

Head injuries:

If it’s just a bruise or minor cut, you can visit the Pentagon walk in clinic for treatment. For serious head injuries, swelling, intense headache, concussions, and others, rush to the hospital.

Abrasions, wounds, and cuts:

Minor ones require just a few stitches. You can have it done at your nearest clinic. For major wounds that are bleeding a lot, rush to a hospital.


Fractures are common due to fall. Doctors at Pentagon clinic can fix a minor fracture, but for major ones, it is better to visit a hospital. However, the clinic offers X-rays.

Sprains and strains:

Sprains and strains are soft tissue injuries, which are not always visible immediately after a fall. You may have torn a ligament, tendon, or muscle. You may feel pain in the back, neck, shoulder, or any limb. This could be due to a spinal cord injury. Or you may feel constricted movements. In all cases, please consult a doctor at your nearest clinic.

Walk in clinic around Pentagon is open all days of the week. No appointment is required to see a doctor here.

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