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Four Most Effective Tips to Balance Your Hormones: Arlington Medical Clinic

Ever wondered how our bodies function so miraculously? What is it that regulates body temperature, makes you feel hungry, gives you the sex drive, and controls your biological clock?


They are actually what make you male or female.

The human body produces about 50 hormones. Each has a role to play. Each acts as a chemical messenger that influences almost every bodily function.

When the levels of these hormones shift, it creates changes at the physical and emotional levels.

That’s the reason you must keep your hormones well balanced. It’s a good idea to walk in Arlington medical clinic and undergo a hormone panel. This gives you an idea of how your hormones are doing in your body.

Hormones and lifestyle

Certain factors such as level of stress, level of physical activity, and diet are under our control. Factors like aging, genes, and certain medical conditions are not under our control. All these factors affect hormone secretion.

According to doctors, hormones are sensitive substances. Just a little bit of change in your mood can send your hormones soaring or dipping. The National Library of Medicine states that food influences formation and secretion of hormones.

4 effective lifestyle tips to keep your hormones balanced

  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Sleep well every night.
  • Be as physically active as you can on a daily basis.
  • Manage stress and keep it to a minimum.

1. Eat a balanced diet.

Diet consisting of adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals encourages healthy functioning of the endocrine system, the “factory” of hormones. Ensure you have enough Vitamin C, B6, and D, zinc, healthy fats, and magnesium (it balances insulin, which is a hormone).

Cut down on refined sugar and processed foods.

If you feel anything wrong, especially feeling more depressed lately or lethargic, please consult a doctor at medical clinic near Arlington. It could be a hormone imbalance.

2. Sleep well every night.

When you sleep well, your body gets a chance to repair itself. It can also regulate the stress hormone, cortisol, pretty well. Good sleep helps in overall hormone balance. Your body can regulate hormones that control hunger and glucose level better.

Sleep deprivation makes your biological clock go haywire; so does your hunger, glucose, blood pressure, and what not!

3. Be as physically active as you can.

Exercise doesn’t only mean those gym workouts. Do anything that you love that moves your body. Physical activity releases the happy hormone, dopamine, and the natural “anti-depressant” serotonin.

An active lifestyle keeps hormones well balanced throughout the body.

4. Manage stress and keep it to a minimum.

Stress encourages the release of cortisol, which is known as stress hormone. Stress also stimulates production of more adrenaline. If you stay in stress for a long time, cortisol levels also stay elevated in your body. This can lead to heart disease, digestive problems, and anxiety disorders.

Consider hormones as the basis of body functions. An imbalance can create dangerous changes in the body.

Arlington medical clinic conducts hormone panel. Walk in any day of the week, even on extended hours. Undergo a test and check how your hormones are faring in your body.

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