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For Non-life Threatening Illnesses Urgent Care Offers Best Medical Care


The family medical walk-in clinic in Arlington has been serving as an essential provider of healthcare by treating patients for various non life threatening illnesses.

This clinic never closed even during stay at home orders put in place during COVID-19.

To assure patients, this center has taken extra precautions to safeguard against corona virus.

The safety measures include, creating virtual waiting rooms that allow visitors to wait in their vehicles till their turn comes up for consultation.

Other measures adopted include

  • Cleaning the entire clinic thoroughly by trained and certified staff by making use of  medical grade cleaning products
  • Every member of the staff is assessed for any signs of illness prior to each shift
  • All employees including the front desk staff wear masks
  • Ensuring all patients wear masks during the entire period of their visit.
  • Markers placed on floor to remind patients to stay 6 feet apart.

The above measures have become important not only from safety point of view but also because of the need to provide continuity of non-life threatening health care requirements other than COVID-19.

“With so much focus on corona virus, we must not neglect regular illnesses”, says a doctor who practices in a family urgent care near Arlington VA.

Cases of sore throat, ear aches, minor falls and accidents, cuts and bleeding and irritation of the eye cannot wait.

Urgent care has always served as an intermediary between primary care and emergency room.

Patients opt for urgent care if they are not able to visit their primary care physician due to scheduling or if care is sought after off-hours of the primary care physicians’ clinic.

But recent times are witnessing a shift.

More people prefer visiting urgent care than their personal care physicians.

“It takes too long to get an appointment” is the common complaint.

Moreover urgent care seems to have upgraded its facilities to take over the primary care space with more inclusive services beyond the ease of access for which these facilities are known for.

Now walk-ins have X-rays and lab work facilities.

  • A plethora of tests are available to determine the health of patients
  • You can get tested for flu, blood sugar, urine analysis, and urine pregnancy test. Results are available in quick time
  • X-rays allow to get images of broken bones due to falls
  • Rapid, anonymous testing for any kind of sexually transmitted infections with discreet and confidential billing

Urgent care clinics are open 7 days a week with extended working hours allowing you get medical care anytime you need it.

The only thing you need to take care is to ensure the situation is not a medical urgency requiring a visit to ER or emergency room.

A severe accident, a heart attack, a stroke or serious burn injuries need an immediate visit to ER.

For episodic illnesses urgent care centers are good enough.

People no longer have a misconception that urgent care centers have limited capabilities.

For many, family medical walk in clinic in Arlington is as good if not better than a personal physician care.  It is convenient, efficient and affordable.

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