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Family Physicians of Urgent Care in Pentagon Talk of Health & Fitness

Are you healthy and fit? Is your entire family healthy and fit? Family Health & Fitness Day USA is celebrated to encourage families to indulge in physical activities and take priority of their health. From kids to senior citizens, everybody should be involved in keeping fit.

In case a family member has a lifestyle disease, they should be particular about taking medications regularly and following a diet that helps to manage the disease better. Diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis are the commonest lifestyle diseases. They can be managed well through appropriate treatment, diet, and workout.

In case you or your family member is not well, please do not ignore symptoms. Consult one of the family physicians at urgent care clinic in Pentagon. Seek treatment immediately.

Being healthy is a family thing

It is said that family that eats together stays together. In case of health, family that works out together stays healthy together.

When no member in the family engages in physical activity and being a couch potato is the norm, it is difficult for the kids to stay fit. They, too, develop the attitude of inactiveness.

However, when kids see their family indulging in fitness activities, they are motivated to do the same.

Even if somebody in the family seems to be lazy in terms of physical activity, the other members can encourage him or her to be active.

So, this is a family thing. The more the whole family gets involved in giving health and fitness a priority, the higher the chances of the family staying healthier.

Family urgent care clinic near Arlington, VA, encourages families to undergo routine health checkups and take workout seriously.

Enrolling in gym is not mandatory. What’s important is to stay active the whole day. Inactive lifestyle leads to a number of health problems, say doctors.

Alas, about 80 million Americans do not move! They are so accustomed to a physically inactive lifestyle. Only one in three kids indulges in physical activity every day. No wonder America has one of the highest number of obese people in the world.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, and heart problems are common, especially in the modern generation thanks to their sedentary lifestyle.

Keeping fit no matter what the age

It does not matter if you were sedentary your whole life. You can change your lifestyle at any age and experience its benefits.

Start with small. For example, walking every day for 15-20 minutes, climbing a flight of stairs and then gradually increasing it. Parking your car a little away from your workplace. Mowing the lawn.

These are just a few examples of how you can introduce physical activity in your life.

And if you feel exhausted, shortness of breath, or pain in doing these normal activities, you must consult a doctor. Family physicians are available in urgent care clinic in Pentagon the whole week.

Family Health & Fitness Day USA 2020 is on September 26. It is celebrated on the last Saturday of September every year. It gives people a golden chance to start life afresh with more activeness and more health.

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