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Family Healthcare & Urgent Care Post Pandemic

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has left a mental scar on a huge chunk of the population. Is there anybody on the Earth who is not affected by the pandemic? Hardly! (We are not including Antarctica here!) So, if any of your family member is showing post pandemic depression or anxiety, it’s time to talk.

Mental health has never been so important. Arlington family healthcare urgent care clinic emphasizes on mental health this year.

A reputable biotechnology company of America had conducted a survey of 1012 Americans. Their report reveals that about 71 per cent gained weight during 2020. According to the respondents, this has made them feel less attractive and given more mental stress. About 47 per cent of the respondents confessed that gaining weight has hit their self esteem hard.

There is some good news too. About 60 per cent of the respondents in the survey admitted their desire to feel healthier. Around 51 per cent are working towards losing weight in 2021.

The overall survey revealed that, although weight gain was rampant and it hit the self esteem of Americans, about 61 per cent of Americans are determined to develop healthy lifestyle and eating habits this year (2021).

So, this indicates that health and fitness are going to be the buzzwords post pandemic. Doesn’t it make sense to undergo your long pending health checkup at an Arlington urgent care center?

During the pandemic, due to lockdowns, it was not possible and also not safe to visit clinics for health checkups. However, now, it is more important to know about your health. You must also not ignore any symptom. With an urgent care clinic just around the corner, you hardly have an excuse to not take care of your health.

Time is no problem

With a lot of people still working from homes, the excuse of not getting time to see a doctor falls flat. Besides, urgent care clinics are known to be open all days of the week and on holidays. They are open at extended hours too.

The best part is you need no prior appointment to visit a doctor here. Just walk in and see a doctor.

So, whether you are working from home or you have resumed working from office, you can easily visit your nearest clinic and consult a doctor regarding a persistent symptom or a health checkup.

The clinic caters to insured and uninsured patients. They also offer VIP care. The clinic is a highly convenient alternative to visiting a hospital for a common illness or an annual medical exam.

The pandemic is not yet over. However, our health is in our hands. The tendency to ignore symptoms or procrastinate regarding your medical examination can harm your immunity. You must stay healthy to have a strong immunity.

So, if you or anybody in your family has a physical or mental health issue, do not hesitate to walk in an Arlington urgent care center and consult a doctor. Talking is the first and an important step towards health.

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