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Family Health Care – Understanding Different Needs

Family health care means taking care of the health needs of the entire family. This, in turn, means taking care of people of different ages. It could be a newborn, a kid of 10 years, a middle-aged man of 45 years, or an adolescent nearing 20 years, or maybe an elderly person above 70.

As the body ages, health care needs differ. It is important to understand what exactly your loved one needs in terms of health care.

Many people do not share their problems, even with their family. For example, your granddad might be forgetting things often or may suffer from episodes of disorientation. He may not tell you this. According to doctors, this could be an early sign of brain degenerative disease such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Family physician urgent care clinic in Pentagon is dedicated to taking care of the health needs of the whole family. They do not handle life-threatening conditions, but they can certainly treat most of the common ailments. They also provide a series of tests and vaccines. They can offer you medical advice for any health problem, including mental ones.

Having a clinic nearby assures a family that a doctor is just around the corner. The clinic is open all days of the week. A doctor is available in the clinic right from early morning or late evening hours. So, this helps people who are busy during the day. Also, the clinic stays functional during holidays. So, if you are unable to bring your loved one during the week, you can visit during a holiday.

Short term care and long term care

A short term care may include an episode of fever, stomach infection, flu, cold and cough, and other such illness. They are temporary and require care only till the patient is sick.

Long term care includes caring for a patient suffering from chronic disease. Your beloved may have diabetes, hypertension, dementia, heart disease, HIV infection, arthritis, asthma, or other such medical condition. These disorders require proper and continuous management through medications, lifestyle changes, and regular health examinations.

In both cases, Arlington urgent care clinic doctors can help you, except in cases of life-threatening conditions.

Acute illnesses or injuries

Most of the acute illnesses and injuries require short term care. However, they require urgent care. You cannot delay in providing medical treatment in these cases. A few examples are: asthma attack, fall injury, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, insect sting, animal bite, high fever, sore throat, cold and cough, acute pain in any area of the body, and others.

In these cases too, you can visit your family physicians at the urgent care clinic in Pentagon. Doctors here are apt in handling common and acute illnesses, which also include kidney and prostrate infections, pink eye, ear infections, flu, different kinds of stomach troubles, chronic pains in the body, migraines and other types of headaches, and so on.

Convenience and cost

When a patient is in dis-ease, waiting in line or struggling to get a doctor’s appointment is the last thing they may want. Also, they may not want or may be too weak or not have the resources to drive all the way to a far off hospital.

In all of the above situations, a nearby clinic comes to the rescue. It’s a place smaller than a hospital; that does not mean it is lesser in quality than a hospital. You can expect to get quality medical care from qualified doctors and trained staff. Most clinics are equipped with advanced labs.

Such clinics prove to be relatively 70 per cent cheaper than a typical hospital.

Convenience and cost are two benefits (among other benefit) a patient can get when consulting Arlington urgent care doctors.

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