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Family Health and Fitness: How to Begin

It is said: “the family that eats together stays together.” Let’s add another sentence to it: “the family that exercises together stays fit and healthy together.”

It is often hard for an individual to fulfill their fitness resolutions alone; but when the entire family gets involved in fitness activities, things become different. Staying fit is no more a challenge. Also, you are more alert about your health.

Family urgent care clinic near Arlington VA provides a convenient place for families to discuss their health matters.

Family fitness? Easier said than done!

This may be true, but isn’t it thrilling to do something that is not easy? If a few of your family members are already into healthy living, then it won’t be a problem for other members to follow suit. However, if the entire family lives a sedentary lifestyle, then it may be challenging in the beginning.

Here’s how you can begin:

Sit together and discuss what each member likes. Physical fitness does not mean hitting the gym or doing the difficult yoga asanas or strenuous workouts. It simply means to stay active. So, just move your body.

For example, your mom may like gardening. Your father may like to work in the yard. Your son may love to cycle. Your daughter may love to spend time playing basketball. Each activity moves the body and provides benefits.

So, why not schedule a time so that everybody must do what they like for half an hour or so?

And while you are engaging in your favorite physical work, no television and no scrolling on the smart phones.

Added advantage of moving your body

When you move your body, you can figure out how much fit or not fit it is. At times, you may even catch a few symptoms early. Say, your mom feels breathless while gardening. You can visit the family medical walk in clinic in Arlington and discuss with the doctor about it.

Importance of healthy eating

Again, a family that eats healthy together stays healthy together. Encourage more home-cooked meals. Teach your children to cook. Try interesting recipes. Choose a day wherein you can treat your tastebuds.

Discourage junk food in the house. Better, remove all the junk food from the refrigerator because if it’s there, people will eat.

Doubts about health? Consult family urgent care doctor near Arlington VA

If you or any member of your family feel that they must undergo a test, walk in to your nearest clinic. Make sure people above 30 in your family undergo an annual health examination.

The Arlington clinic conducts tests such as:

• Cholesterol panel
• Liver panel
• Dementia panel
• ED panel
• Hormone panel
• Cancer panel
• Stool parasite test
• TB test
• X-rays
• STD test

Please discuss with the doctor about your current health condition and get appropriate advice with regard to tests.

Family medical walk in clinic in Arlington offers tests at reasonable rates for the entire family. You can request the staff to keep your identity confidential for STD testing.

Sharing and caring

Spend time with the elderly people in your family and encourage them to share their health matters. Sometimes, the elderly people tend to stay silent about their symptoms. It is important to make them feel comfortable in the family so that they can be at ease and discuss their health with you.

Be aware about the health concerns that arrive with aging. Be compassionate and patient towards the older people. This plays a significant role in their physical and mental health.


So, ladies and gentlemen, rise and shine with your family. You are a team that can do wonders together. A healthy family is a happy family.

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