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Don’t Self-Treat, Get Your Heartburn Diagnosed At Urgent Care Clinic

Most of us have experienced heartburn at some point of time. It may be explained as a burning sensation in the throat or chest area. Although most people treat heartburn as an ailment and take medications for the same, it is integral to note that heartburn is in fact a symptom and not an ailment.

Heartburn is usually an indication of acid reflux occurring somewhere in your digestive tract between the mouth and the stomach. However, heartburn may also be a symptom of other underlying conditions. For this reason, it is integral to seek medical help at an urgent care clinic if your heartburn persists.

Why does heartburn occur?

Sometimes, stomach acid that is supposed to remain in the stomach enters the esophagus. This may be due to multiple reasons, the most common of which include gulping down food quickly or overeating. Most of the time, heartburn is related to eating and is especially apparent after you have had sour or spicy food. However, if you experience heartburn after activities such as working out, you must immediately visit your nearest family medical walk in clinic in Arlington.

When your heartburn is not too severe and abates after a few hours, over-the-counter medications may help offer relief. However, if heartburn does not subside even with medication and continues to worsen, you need to consult a doctor right away. This is especially true if you experience pain along with heartburn. It can be an indication of serious conditions such as ulcers or acid reflux disease.

Is it really heartburn or…?

Sometimes, a range of other illnesses may appear to be heartburn. Only a qualified medical professional at Arlington doctors office will be able to identify the real issue. Some of these illnesses include:

• Heart disease: In people with heart disease, the flow of blood to the heart is severely obstructed. This results in shortness of breath and a feeling of heartburn. At an urgent care clinic, the doctor will probe in detail about the onset of your symptoms. If you experienced heartburn following an exercise session or other vigorous activity, it may be a case of heart disease.

• Pancreatic cancer: The pancreas lies adjacent to the stomach and is integral for proper digestion. When the pancreas fails to function as intended due to cancer or other reasons, the digestive process is affected, causing heartburn. Although this is a bit difficult to diagnose, an experienced doctor at an urgent care clinic may be able to provide a precise diagnosis.

• Gallstones: When bile hardens, it turns into gallstones that obstruct the ducts and cause immense pain. This pain is generally felt in the middle abdomen as a sharp, debilitating pain. Most people experience pain due to gallstones after a meal. If you are experiencing such a condition, visit your nearest family medical walk in clinic in Arlington today.

With timely diagnosis, it is possible to uncover the real reason behind heartburn. And with proper treatment, you can soon be free of the ailment and get back to normal life. Urgent care clinic can help you with this by providing quality, affordable medical consultation and treatment.

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