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Doctors in Arlington, VA, Have This One Basic Skill of Healthcare

Doctors are often believed to not have or show emotions. Medical schools teach about the human body through an objective view. It is also believed that emotions may hinder a doctor’s practice. Doctors see a lot of disease and death every day. If they become emotional with every patient’s condition, it would be hard for them to keep their sanity.

Yet, patients are human beings. So are doctors.

So, there are bound to be emotions. Empathy is one human emotion that doctors can do with. And it helps patients open up with the doctor better.

Empathy in doctors

An empathetic doctor is more popular among patients than a non-empathetic one.

Would you like to share your problem with somebody who does not feel?

It’s like talking to a wall or something. Yes, you might get the right treatment. But, again, it boils down to the one basic thing that we are humans and we are emotional beings.

One of the reasons doctors in Arlington, VA, are popular is their empathetic way of dealing with patients.

Basic healthcare skill

Do you know empathy is now being recognized as a basic skill in healthcare?

After all, a human body is not just a body consisting of heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, bones, blood, flesh, and other elements. It has a soul. It has emotions, intelligence, and other such “abstract things.” A doctor who does not recognize these “additional” elements appears as cold and indifferent to a patient.

It’s not easy to be a doctor and an empath

Doctors cannot be too emotional. They must not feel much; lest they may not be able to cut open a body during surgery or dress a wound. Every death may swirl them down into depression.

Doctors must keep a fine balance between being empathetic towards their patient and not being too emotional.

Easier said than done. But, with a little practice, one can become an empath without being too emotional.

Doctors in walk in clinic in VA are known to give their patients enough time so that they can share their problems. They listen attentively with eye contact and positive body language.

How being an empath helps patients?

Patients feel more satisfied visiting a doctor who listened to them attentively. A survey also reveals that patients found doctors who sat and listened to them more attentive than doctors who listened to them while standing.

Empathy is a powerful tool that doctors can use, especially in case of stubborn or shy patients who find it difficult to open up about their problems.

Doctors at walk in clinic in VA are known to make patients feel at ease. The clinic also caters to STD patients. For this, the doctor must know a patient’s sexual history and present sexual activities. This is not an easy topic to talk about. However, an empathetic doctor can help a patient open up, build trust, and talk candidly. This helps in charting out a better treatment plan.

With the healthcare world evolving at a rapid rate, empathy is now recognized as an essential skill for providing excellent medical care.

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