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Doctors at Walk In Clinic, VA, Advise on How to Avoid Fall Injuries


You are walking merrily on the sidewalk. You just did some shopping and your hands are full of shopping bags.

Suddenly, you trip. There go your bags and you on the ground!

Falling happens in seconds. At times, you escape unscathed. At other times, you might experience a minor fracture, sprain of an ankle, or bruise, accompanied with pain or scratches on skin.

If you feel pain, cannot walk properly, or notice swelling after a fall, you must immediately consult one of the doctors at the nearby walk in clinic in VA. The doctors are available all the time till extended hours and all days of the week, even on holidays.

So, there would hardly be an instance when you walk in the clinic and not find a doctor.

Do not ignore fall injuries

Fall injuries, at times, can result in damage to internal organs, if not attended to. When you fall, it gives your body a jerk and force. This can lead to some internal injury too.

If you continue to feel pain at the body area, which took the most impact during the fall, you must consult a doctor.

Fall injuries are so common you will be shocked

As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 3 million senior citizens undergo severe fall injuries. More than 800,000 patients are hospitalized every year due to fall injuries.

Hip fractures and head injuries are common fall injuries in the above cases.

Over 95 per cent of hip fractures happen due to falling.

Innumerable people are rushed to the hospital due to traumatic brain injuries suffered by falling.

Although a walk in clinic around Pentagon does not treat severe brain injuries and those that require hospitalization, they are equipped to handle minor factures and wounds and other less severe fall injuries.

Be careful when it snows

Sidewalks and streets often tend to be icy when the temperature drops below zero. People, especially senior citizens, must be careful while walking the slippery streets.

Here are a few tips by doctors of a walk in clinic in VA:

  • Wear appropriate footwear. Choose a pair with grip soles to decrease chances of slipping.
  • When parking a car, ensure that the area is not slippery. If it is, choose a different parking space.
  • Tap your foot on the road before walking on it to test whether it is slippery.
  • Avoid icy roads. Do not take risk.
  • Clear your driveways and walkways of ice and snow regularly.

What if you must walk on an icy road?

In this case, do the following:

  • Avoid walking with hands in the pocket. According to doctors, this pose throws the body off balance. As per anatomy experts, the best body-balancing pose while walking is to walk by swaying your hands at the sides.
  • Carrying objects provide poor balance. So, if you have heavy shopping bags with you, better find a drier road or call a cab.
  • Walk with shot shuffling steps on an icy road.
  • Be attentive while walking an icy road. Avoid using your smartphone at that time.

In case you fall, stay on the ground for a while to relax your body, which may be in shock. Find a walk in clinic around Pentagon and consult a doctor to confirm everything is alright.

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