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Common Causes and Types of Headaches

If you have any concerns regarding your health, contact the nearest doctors available. A seemingly trivial issue may turn out to be something serious. So, it is always better to take medical advice, even if the issue seems to be a small one, such as a headache.

A headache that keeps popping up every other day is something you must sit up and take notice. Doctors in Arlington VA are available all days of the week; so you can consult them any day. And, the Arlington clinic gives you no “headache” of scheduling prior appointments; you can simply walk in!

About headaches

Headaches are one of the commonest forms of ailments. Almost everybody suffers from them at some point or the other. For some, it is a common issue, while for others headaches may happen when they are too stressed or dehydrated or have skipped a meal or had little sleep at night.

Common causes of headache

Headaches can happen due to any or more of the following reasons:

• Skipping a meal
• Excessive stress
• Dehydration of the body
• Poor sleep at night
• Hormone upheaval
• Side effect of any medication
• Effect of a medical condition, such as cold and cough
• Prolonged time on the computer, television, or mobile screen
• Poor posture
• Staying sedentary for longer hours
• Staying in a poorly ventilated place for longer hours
• Over exertion, both physical and mental
• Too loud noise
• Over thinking
• Withdrawal symptom

In Arlington doctors office, you can receive treatment for headache, including migraine. You may be habitual of popping a painkiller for headache, but this isn’t the right solution, say doctors. If headaches have become a part of your life, you must immediately see a doctor to rule out any possible physical or mental condition.

Serious causes of headache

• Brain injury
• Fluid accumulation in the brain
• Brain infection
• Brain tumor
• inflammation of blood vessels in the brain
• Bleeding in the brain

The person may need hospitalization in the above cases.

Common types of headaches

  1. Tension headache

A study has revealed that about 80 per cent of Americans suffer from tension headaches. You could suffer from episodic tension headache, which lasts for 30 minutes or 7 days, or chronic headache, which lasts for hours and happen more frequently, say multiple times a month.

You feel a pressure on and around your head with a dull pain. This can travel down to your neck and shoulders.

  1. Cluster headache

They come in clusters. You feel intense pain for an hour or so. These headaches may happen every day. Sometimes, they happen multiple times a day. The pattern goes on for a few weeks and then the headaches disappear.

Cluster headaches are the rare kind. Only 1 per cent of the population suffers from them.

  1. Migraines

Migraines are the most notorious of all headaches. A large chunk of the population complains of having them. They are often accompanied with vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, loss of appetite, trouble speaking and doing anything, and a feeling of weakness in the body.

The frequency of migraines differs in individuals. Some get migraines several times in a month, while some may get them once in several months.

Some people experience aura or a flash of light just an hour or several minutes before a migraine strikes.

Doctors in Arlington VA clinic can help you deal with migraine through appropriate treatment. The clinic is conveniently located and hardly has a waiting time; so you can visit even when you are suffering from a migraine.

Don’t let headaches play spoilsport in your daily routine. Consult a doctor today at your nearest clinic.

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