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Back Pain – The Scourge of Modern Society

If you have back pain, the doctor will refer you to a physical therapist.

Some people may be skeptical about physical therapy outcomes, but the fact is for a large number of people back pain therapy has shown less disability and reduced back pain intensity as compared to other approaches.

According to a physician at Arlington doctors office, “For those suffering from sciatica and back pain, exercises help a lot. But care provided by a physical therapist has added benefits”.

“Just take a mild pain killer and you should be okay. But do not neglect therapies that are non-pharmacological”.

Updated guidelines by the American College of Physicians do not suggest medication as the first line of therapy.

The new guidelines say that before patients try out anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants, they must try out therapies like yoga or massage.

There are other opinions too.

If you are having financial problems, it could be because of back pain.

This is what a research study in a leading psychology journal says.

It goes on to explain that economic insecurity can lead to physical manifestations like neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain.

“Tense muscles and low energy levels can lead to impaired immune systems”.

We must accept that low back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide.

It occurs in all cultures and disrupts the quality of life and work performance.

Acute back pain is very common. It is self-limiting, lasting for less than 12 weeks regardless of the treatment.

On the other hand, chronic back pain is more of a challenge, because it has strong psychological connections.

Diagnosis may show fibromyalgia or disc protrusions on X-rays.

According to specialists, these conditions are rarely responsible for the pain.

“Surgery is seldom successful in addressing back pain”, says a doctor at after hours medical clinic near Arlington.

“When patients come to me with acute back pain, I ask about their history and perform a simple physical examination. I typically prescribe non-opioids analgesics”.

“I find that most causes such as muscle strain, poor posture, and ligament sprain can be addressed by adopting ergonomically correct postures”.

Drug therapy offers temporary relief.

Age of course is a factor that cannot be ignored.

As you grow old, normal wear and tear can result in degenerative changes in the discs and joints.

These effects can be minimized by exercise and proper lifting techniques.

Nowadays many medical professionals believe that back pain is a not a disease but an assemblage of symptoms that are self-limiting.

But if you do suffer severe back pain at odd hours, there is no harm in visiting after hours medical clinic near Arlington.

At an urgent care setting, no appointment is needed and you will be seen in quick time.

Moreover, urgent care facilities are now taking adequate precautions to prevent transmission of Covid-19.

In all probability, the doctor will advise you rest from activity that is aggravating the cause, application of ice to the affected part, prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, and tell you to perform gentle exercises for mobility.

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