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Back Pain – An Overview And Some Pointers

A research has come up with the information that nearly 80% of adults experience back pain in their lifetime and nearly 20% experience it in any given year.

Back pain, even though it does not sound a severe disease, can be miserable. It impacts every thing you do, like sleep, work, play to exercise. For sufferers, it takes a toll on their lives.

What cause back pains?

• It is most frequently caused by musculoskeletal issues
• It can also be due to serious conditions like infections, kidney stones or arthritis

If you are in unbearable distress due to back pain, it is best to rush a walk-in clinic near you to rule out any injury or serious disease.

The good news is most episodes of back pains resolve on their own.

“ Time is on your side”, says a doctor at a walk in clinic around Pentagon. “ Even if your condition is chronic, odds are you will not have serious medical consequences”.

Stay active is the modern mantra. Decades ago, doctors used to prescribe bed rest. Now they have realized this is not the right solution. “ The spinal disks between the vertebrae need motion to move nutrients”, says a physician at a pentagon walk in clinic.

Some say low-tech remedies work.

• Spinal manipulations by a qualified chiropractor. This has been successful to many, though it is not clear how it works.
• Rehabilitation programs combining counseling and supervised exercises.
• Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen

Though back pain is very common, there are many myths surrounding it. Here are a few.

• Myth – Back pian disables. Fact – Pain can be intense but rarely disabling
• Myth – You need narcotics. Fact – OTC medications help, and narcotics are never prescribed. Narcotics can cause drowsiness and constipation and can be addictive.
• Myth – Most back pains are caused by carrying heavy loads. Fact – Sedentary people who do jobs sitting whole day are as likely to have back pain.

In rare cases back pain can be an indication of serious medical problem. If you experience any of the following symptoms, visit an urgent care facility near you.

• Nausea/ sweating, stomach ache or fever
• Difficulty controlling your bladder
• Unexplained weight loss
• Pain that does not get better after 2 to 3 weeks
• Leg weakness that gets worse over time.

Some people think surgery is a good option. The fact is, surgery is not necessarily the right approach. “ I recommend progressive physical therapy as the most effective treatment for my patients”, says a doctor at a walk-in clinic around Pentagon.

Surgery can be an effective approach for severe radiating leg pain that does not heal with time. Or if you are experiencing weakness that gets worse. If your doctor feels you may be needing surgery, he or she may consult with a spine expert.

Prevention measures are important for people who have experienced back pains in the past and for those who want to avoid it completely. It has been observed that people who got physical therapy had less disability and decreased back pain compared with those who took medications.

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