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Determining what’s medically urgent and what not can be the key factor between life and death in some situations. After all, you wouldn’t want to delay seeing a doctor and suffering unnecessarily when you can rush to an urgent clinic and get immediate treatment.

So how would you know the state of urgency?

For that, it is important to know exactly what you can expect in an immediate care center.


Let’s say you are feeling as if a migraine is going to hit anytime soon or you have a cold. For these, you can visit Arlington urgent care center without wondering if a hospital would be better for you. However, if you or a loved one has received a serious head or limb injury or you show all symptoms of a heart attack, you must rush to a hospital straight away.

An easy way to understand the rush factor is if your health issue is not really life-threatening but can’t wait for another day before you see a doctor, then a medical office near Arlington is your best bet.

Here are some other examples of what can be considered as emergency situations that would require a person to rush to a hospital:

  1. Heavy, uncontrolled bleeding
    2 Gunshot wounds
  2. Pregnancy-related issues
  3. Suicidal symptoms
  4. Poisoning
  5. Loss of consciousness

However, in case you have issues like red-eye, fever, minor bone fracture, skin rash, headache, body ache, dehydration, flu, insect bite, vomiting, etc., you can easily see a doctor at Arlington VA Immediate Care and get started on your treatment immediately.

Most of these clinics are walk-ins, which means that you can just walk in and ask to see a doctor. However, they do accept, and, in some cases prefer, online appointments to give shape to the doctor’s schedule. So, if you can take an appointment beforehand, that would be better as you wouldn’t have to wait in case the doctor is busy with a patient.

Other aspects

It is better to do a little research before you visit an urgent care. Some of these specialize in a specific medical area, such as pediatrics or gynecological-obstetrics, and you would be better placed in a different clinic if these aren’t related to your medical issue.

Also, do ask if your insurance plan would be accepted at the clinic you plan to visit.

Do know that these clinics would ask for a photo id, so remember to carry one along. As the doctor there is not your primary healthcare provider, they wouldn’t have any knowledge of your medical history. So, do carry your medical records as well as doctor’s prescriptions, if any. That would help expedite the process enormously.

One thing to know here is that some clinics may not have a doctor on duty at all times. In such cases, you may be seen by a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant who can diagnose your issue and prescribe treatment for it.

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