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Anxiety and Heartburn: Reasons That Show They are Related

A big chunk of the American population suffers from heartburn. People suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) usually experience heartburn. However, new studies show that people suffering from anxiety may also get heartburn.

If you or anybody in your family suffers from heartburn, please walk in Arlington doctors office. The doctors here are qualified and experienced enough to handle common medical issues, including heartburn, stomach troubles, ulcers, and others. You can expect to receive appropriate treatment here.

Reasons that validate the link between anxiety and heartburn

  1. Pressure in the stomach

Heartburn, according to doctors, happen when there is a lot of pressure around the stomach. It kind of “squeezes” your stomach.

Does this sound familiar to what happens when you are overly anxious? You feel a tightening around your stomach, right?

  1. Acid buildup

One of the characteristics of heartburn is the pushing up of stomach acid towards the esophagus. Many earlier studies have shown that prolonged and excessive stress and anxiety leads to acid buildup in the stomach. No wonder, a large number of stressed out people experience heartburn, indigestion, and other such stomach issues.

  1. Poor digestion

It is a known fact that stress affects digestion. It hinders with the normal process in the stomach and the intestines. The food may not get digested completely or take longer time to digest. This may lead to rotting of the food in the stomach, causing intestinal problems. Issues of constipation and other irregular bowel movements may crop up.

Handling stomach issues

Doctor clinic near Arlington VA handles issues like constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach pain, ulcers, heartburn, and other such issues. As you walk in the clinic you can expect to receive immediate medical care.

However, these issues generally arise due to stress, anxiety, and other such lifestyle habits. It is important that you take a hard look at your lifestyle to prevent such issues from arising in the future.

Is heartburn dangerous?

According to doctors, heartburn is not dangerous. But, regular heartburn incidences can lead to ulcers, which are dangerous. So, it is better to solve the problem at the early stage.

Dealing with heartburn

Along with dealing with anxiety, you must also change your eating habits. Just a few lifestyle tweaks can help you get respite from this problem.


• Avoid eating late at night.
• Keep a gap of two hours between your dinner and bedtime.
• Avoid rich, heavy meals for dinner.
• Stay physically active.
• Take small meals so that you keep your stomach a little bit empty.
• Stay away from foods that trigger heartburn.
• Consult a doctor at a clinic near Arlington VA for treatment.

Why avoiding the problem is not the solution

Do not avoid this problem. As mentioned earlier, it can lead to ulcers. A healthy digestive system is the root to health and wellbeing. Poor digestive system can lead to all sorts of problems in the body. It also affects mental state, according to studies.

So, keep your gut healthy and happy. This is where most of the microbes thrive. That’s why you get that ‘gut feeling.’ No wonder when you are anxious or stressed out, your gut is in trouble.

Walk in the clinic

Arlington doctors office is equipped to deal with different kinds of stomach ailments. Walk in the office and seek appropriate treatment. You need no appointment to see a doctor here. Also, you can be seen in less than 30 minutes. Moreover, the clinic is open all days of the week and also after hours. This makes it a highly convenient facility for healthcare.

Don’t keep your gut waiting for a treatment. Walk in today and deal with your heartburn problem. Get tips on anxiety and stress management. Learn to stay happy so that your gut is happy too.

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