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America’s Healthcare Challenges – On Finding Answers

It is well known that health is a human right.

This motto is enshrined by nearly all the countries on the globe.

The need for food comes first, followed by the need for shelter. The next thing humans need is to safeguard their health.

We all value our individual health, the health of our parents, and that of our children.

Sadly, in the United States, health inequality is very apparent.

Despite the fact that we have some of the finest health care systems and medical facilities in the world, top quality care is not available to all the citizens.

We spend far more than other countries on health services, yet we rank much below many well to do countries in matters of healthcare.

One of the things that people in this country detest is inequities in access to good quality healthcare.

Yes, it is true employers provide health insurance. But those who lose their jobs due to technological disruptions or high level of competition also lose out on health insurance.

Our system has woefully failed to provide good quality healthcare to a large minority slice of the population, roughly more than 37 million.

Several solutions have been put forth, but unfortunately none seem to address the issue in its entirety.

Perhaps the crisis is chiefly generated by our medical ethos – how our medical professionals practice and how they treat their patients.

In the United States, it is a sad commentary that more than 40,000 deaths occur each year because of lack of healthcare access.

The private insurance system has pushed up the price of healthcare to astronomical proportions.

According to an economic expert, the drug prices in the United States are so inflated that if they are controlled to the same level as in other developed nations, we would save nearly $90 billion annually in Medicare.

Healthcare is essential to life but in our country it exists as a free market commodity. It is common sense that when a person suffers a stroke, he or she would not be in a position to bargain over the costs of hospitalization and lab tests.

Yet, the healthcare market is a seller’s market with prices out of reach for many.

In such a scenario walk-in clinics have grown in popularity across the United States.

By offering extended hours, shorter wait times, and far cheaper prices, such clinics have become popular alternatives for people seeking care for non-life threatening illnesses.

“A walk-in clinic in Arlington is the best solution for me because it is available whenever I need care 24 x7”, says a Maryland based software professional.

The good news is most walk-in clinics provide x-rays and lab tests with the help of qualified and experienced staff.

Most patients even say that in terms of capability and services, such clinics are no different from a typical physician’s office. The only divergence is accessibility.

No wonder a Walk-in clinic in my area is the answer for episodic illnesses. Walk-in clinics are proving to be key elements for affordable healthcare delivery in the United States.

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