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7 FAQs About Flu Shots Answered by Medical Office Near Arlington

Doctors everywhere are encouraging people to take their flu shots to save themselves from a savage flu season ahead. However, some people are afraid to get vaccinated. Many others have questions regarding the vaccine, just like they had for the COVID vaccine.

It’s okay to ask questions. Asking questions and getting correct answers for them increases your knowledge and clears doubts.

One of the commonest questions that people ask is: Is it necessary to get the flu shot?

Yes, say doctors almost everywhere, including those at medical office near Arlington. Vaccine helps your body produce enough antibodies to fight against the virus.

Here are more frequently asked questions about the flu vaccine.

  1. Will I be completely immune to flu after getting a flu shot?
    No, say doctors. The flu vaccine does not protect you 100 per cent; but unto 40-60 per cent, depending on a person’s overall health factors. But this doesn’t mean you can miss a shot.

It is seen that people who are vaccinated develop only mild symptoms in case they get infected. It is better to have 60 per cent protection than 0 per cent, isn’t it?

  1. Can pregnant ladies get a flu shot?
    Yes, say doctors. It will protect the mother and her unborn baby from serious infection.

You need not travel far to get vaccinated. The medical office near Arlington offers flu vaccines. Simply walk in and get yourselves vaccinated.

  1. Can I get flu vaccine and COVID vaccine in a single day?
    Yes. Earlier, doctors had advised people to keep a gap of one week between a flu vaccine and Covid vaccine. However, as per the latest study, it is safe to get both vaccines on the same day.

4. What are the side effects of flu vaccine?
Common side effects include headache, fever, nausea, fatigue, and pain or swelling at the injection site. The side effects begin with 12-24 hours of getting vaccinated. They subside in a day or two.

If they do not subside, please consult a doctor immediately. You must also be alarmed, if your fever stays high for more than a day or you experience difficulty in breathing, seizure, or fainting.

  1. Can I be allergic to a flu shot?
    Yes, you can be allergic, say doctors in Arlington VA urgent care clinic, but it is very rare. The allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis, which is a serious reaction that many happen to one in a million people.

The allergic reaction occurs immediately after taking the shot. That’s why people are asked to wait in the clinic for 15-20 minutes after getting the shot to rule out the possibility of any reaction. In case somebody gets a reaction, he or she can get prompt medical care in the clinic.

  1. Who should not get a flu shot?
    According to doctors, everybody can get a flu shot, irrespective of whatever medical condition they have. Even people with compromised immunity can get a flu shot. As per CDC guidelines, everybody, from babies above 6 months of age to senior citizens, must get themselves vaccinated against the flu.

The only people on the Earth who cannot get a flu shot are those who have an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

  1. Where can I get a flu shot?
    Medical office near Arlington offers flu vaccines, besides other vaccines. No appointment is required to get vaccinated. Walk in and ask for the vaccine. Almost all states of America have urgent care clinics. It does not matter where you are located; you can easily find a clinic near you that caters to the health needs of families.

Getting vaccinated against the flu is a responsible thing to do. Vaccinate yourselves and urge others to do the same.

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