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5 Signs of a Worsening Sinus Infection: Don’t Ignore Them!

One of the best things to have happened in the medical world and to the people is the advent of urgent care clinics. Now, you need not rush to a larger hospital setting to get treatment for common ailments. You can simply walk in an urgent care facility near you and get appropriate treatment within minutes.

One of the common cases that doctors at Arlington medical clinic receive is sinus infection. This is quite an irritating and, at times, painful condition. They may not pose an emergency, but they are definitely annoying. Some signs indicate that your sinus is worsening and you must see a doctor.

Signs of sinus infection

  1. sore throat

The nose and the throat are connected. So, people suffering from sinus may find trouble brewing in their throats. An extended problem of sore throat that does not go away in 2-3 days needs attention. You must not ignore your sore throat for long. Walk in an urgent care and let a doctor examine your sinus infection.

Do you know sore throat is also a sign of STDs like Chlamydia and Syphilis? 

  1. Yellow/brown/green mucus

Normal cold and cough show clear or extremely light colored mucus. If your mucus is brown, green, or yellow, it is a red alert. Something is wrong. This isn’t a normal cough and cold. It could be sinus or some other respiratory infection. Doctors at urgent care clinics are equipped to handle infections. 

  1. Fever

Usually, fever does not happen in a sinus infection, but at times it does. Fever indicates that your infection has worsened. You urgently need medical care.

Wondering, “where is an immediate care clinic near arlington?” It’s just a block away from Pentagon City Metro. 

  1. Chest pain

Chest pain is a big sign of sinus infection, according to doctors. It indicates that the infection has reached your lungs. Chest pain also indicates bronchitis, which is a respiratory infection. This can be dangerous to your body. You must not delay and immediately walk in an urgent care clinic for treatment. 

  1. OTC drugs are not working

Usually, sinus infections get cured on their own; but if OTC medications do not seem to work in your condition, then you need the help of a doctor. Your infection might be too serious for the OTC medications to work. The doctor may prescribe heavier doses or other medications, preferably antibiotics. They may prescribe you a full course of antibiotics, depending on your condition. You must complete the course for total cure of the infection.

If you are suffering from any of the above sign, you must walk in an Arlington medical clinic and get yourselves treated before the infection spreads to other parts of the body. Living with sinus infection is pestering. How it hinders your daily routine! Having a persistent runny nose can be quite annoying.

Take appropriate treatment from one of the qualified doctors of walk-in clinics and breathe health into your lungs. This 2020, resolve not to overlook health matters and keep them on top priority.

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