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5 Shocking Triggers of a Heart Disease, as Told by Doctors

It mostly kills without any noise. It usually kills suddenly. It is heart disease. Most of the time, it is diagnosed at the last stage. Yet, it is not always deadly by nature, because, in many cases, the sheer carelessness of the patient is to be blamed. Your heart sends signals. You ignore them.

Factors like high blood pressure, smoking, eating fatty foods, sedentary lifestyle, and obesity are well known triggers of heart disease; but discussed here are factors that are little known. They will shock you. Yet, they contribute to developing heart disease.

Watch out for them! 

  1. Diet pills

If you are taking diet pills, you must consult a doctor first. Certain pills contain chemicals known to weaken muscles of the heart. They may also block your arteries and contribute to developing heart disease. A good workout plan and diet are the best techniques to lose weight, instead of relying only on diet pills.

You can also visit an urgent clinic for medical care. They offer weight loss programs. If you are struggling to lose weight, the doctor can help you. 

  1. Vitamin D deficiency

Medical research has found that Vitamin D deficiency can cause heart disease. So, spend time under the morning sun. You can also get this vitamin from soy milk, orange juice, and green leafy veggies. If you are not getting enough sunlight, it is good to visit an urgent care clinic and get yourselves checked for Vitamin D. In case you are deficient, the doctor may prescribe you Vitamin D supplements or shots. 

  1. Regular alcohol consumption

According to doctors, regular drinking can harden your arteries and increase your cholesterol level. These are contributing factors of heart disease. So, if you are fond of your poison, do drink; but fix some drink-free days in between. 

  1. Regular flu occurrence

According to doctors at walk in clinic in VA, if you get flu too often, you must sit up and take notice. This isn’t just flu. Regular flu occurrence means you must worry about your heart. Frequent viral infections can weaken the immune system. This lets viruses enter the heart canals and valves. 

  1. Depression

Studies show that depressed and lonely people are more prone to heart diseases. Staying in isolation can alter brain chemicals, which can affect heart function. You need to have happy hormones flowing in your body to keep your heart healthy.

Socialize. Laugh. Do what makes you happy. If you still feel depressed, walk in an urgent clinic for medical care and talk to the doctor.

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