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5 Exceptional Reasons You Must Walk in Clinic in Crystal City

Emergencies can strike anybody, anywhere, and anytime. When it is a medical emergency, the last thing you want is a long waiting line at the doctor’s office or the absence of your family physician. But these can happen too. There is no guarantee that your family physician will always be available. Talk of hospitals, it is common to find long waiting periods and paperwork. Before all this, you must schedule an appointment!

Walk in medical care center near Arlington is one of the best places to visit in times of medical emergency. The best thing about them? You need no prior appointment to see a doctor here!

Here are 5 exceptional reasons to walk in an urgent care center

  1. They are relatively cheaper (upto a whopping 70 per cent) than a traditional hospital setup
  2. You can undergo any lab test without the need of a doctor’s prescription
  3. They are easily accessible, located just a block away from Pentagon City metro
  4. A doctor is always available, even on extended hours, Sundays, and holidays.
  5. Waiting time in such a clinic is less than 30 minutes.

So, if you have been procrastinating that hormone test due to lack of time, now is the time. Simply walk in the clinic on a Sunday or after office any weekday and get yourselves tested. You need not depend on a doctor’s prescription to get a test done.

No rush

One of the things you may note while entering an urgent care center is the lack of typical patient rush. Of course, there are times when you may find patients, especially during the flu season and the changing seasons that bring out the usual colds and coughs. Other than this, the clinics feature moderate number of patients. They walk in, see a doctor, and go.

At times, you may have to wait for a few minutes. Usually, you are able to see a doctor as soon as you walk in.

Well-equipped clinic

When you walk in a medical care center near Arlington, you can expect immediate medical attention and appropriate treatment. Doctors are highly qualified with experience of working in bigger hospital setups.

The staff is dedicated to providing efficient service to patients. Their goal is to attend to patients as earliest as possible and not make them wait in pain or discomfort. The clinics are usually clean and hygienic.

The advent of walk in clinics is fast changing the face of healthcare industry. Now, patients with common ailments need not visit hospitals. They can conveniently walk in an urgent care setup and get immediate medical care, which is their basic right.

Please remember that urgent care clinics do not treat life-threatening conditions like heart attack, stroke, major wounds and fractures, serious bleeding, brain injuries, severe accident cases, and major infections that may require hospitalization.

But, yes, they do undergo lab tests for cancer, Dementia, hormones, kidney, liver, cholesterol, TB, and STDs. You can give your blood sample, urine sample, and stool sample for testing here.

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