Month: July 2020

Why Walk In Clinics Are Preferred By Patients For Getting Treated For Common Ailments

Have you noticed that there are more urgent care facilities around you now than what it was a few years ago? Do you know why?

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Why You Must Never Ignore Chronic Pains & Other Such Symptoms

Are you feeling unwell lately? Well, we aren’t talking about Coronavirus symptoms here, but general feeling of ‘unwell-ness.’If yes, then you shouldn’t continue living in such a state.

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World Hepatitis Day: Understanding the 5 Types of Hepatitis Virus

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) is around the corner. Every year, on July 28, the world comes together to join the fight against this deadly disease. But before you win the fight and even begin it, you must be aware of the disease. About 290 million people are infected with viral hepatitis and they don’t know!

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