Month: October 2019

9 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu this Halloween

As seasons change, viruses and bacteria gear up to attack your body. But they don’t attack everybody. Their victims are those with weak immunity. They cannot evade a body that features “knights in shining armors” – disease-fighting cells. This Halloween, don’t be the victim. Give your body the strength to fight against flu and cold … Continue reading “9 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu this Halloween”

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America’s Healthcare Challenges – On Finding Answers

It is well known that health is a human right.
This motto is enshrined by nearly all the countries on the globe.
The need for food comes first, followed by the need for shelter. The next thing humans need is to safeguard their health.

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How to Deal with Sore Throat this Halloween

With the season of flu going on, sore throats are common. Medically, sore throat is called pharyngitis. You may experience hoarseness, scratchiness, pain in throat while swallowing and difficulty in swallowing. You may also experience fever, headaches, body aches, chills, nausea, runny nose, or vomiting.

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